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    Sustainable Solutions

    Explore how UPS is working to be carbon neutral by 2050.

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    Decarbonising Aviation

    We joined the Sustainable Aviation Buyers Alliance to help find alternative fuel sources and invest in eco-friendly technologies.

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    Delivering Results

    A fleet of electric-assist eQuad bikes are taking to the streets of Europe to help reduce our carbon footprint and traffic congestion.

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    New Rates Announced

    Peak/Demand Surcharge Update

    Effective 2 October 2022 until 14 January 2023, peak/demand surcharges will be applied to Additional Handling, Over Maximum Limits and Large Parcels shipments for 19 countries in Europe in order to ensure our network continues to operate effectively during the peak season.

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    2022 Tariff and Service Guides

    Our updated 2022 UPS Tariff and Service Guides are now available to download, outlining our new tariffs effective 26th June 2022.

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